Fantasy Adventure for Young Readers
Kasper lived with his mother deep in the jungle and he loved to  swing from limb to limb through the trees.  He learned to do all kinds of tricks in the treetops and swinging from his tail and his toes was one of his favorite tricks because he was the only monkey his age who could do that. One day while swinging through the trees, Kasper found some old ruins in the jungle undergrowth.

"Mom likes shiny rocks. Maybe I can find some here," he said and dropped to the ground.

 It didn't take long to find an overgrown path that meandered through the ruins and Kasper got really excited when he found bunches and bunches of shiny rocks all different colors. He couldn't wait to tell his mom about the treasure because she loved shiny rocks more than anything.

"Wow! This will be the best present ever," Kasper hollered in his excitement. He ran to and fro to fill both hands with shiny rocks before he headed for the trees. Before he got there, a sunbeam hit a shiny rock at the base of a weathered wall and darts of red fire flashed around it.

"What's that?" Kasper hollered and ran to what he'd found. But when he picked it up, he discovered it wasn't a rock at all.

"It's a red stone carved to look like a funny-looking lizard. Mom might like it so I'll take it too."

With both hands full of shiny rocks and a red stone that looked like a funny-looking lizard, Kasper headed for the tree tops. It was a good thing he could swing by his tail and his toes or he wouldn't have made it home with his treasure. 

"Mom! Mom!" he yelled when he got home. "I found zillions and zillions of shiny rocks!"

"How exciting!" his mom told him. "I love shiny rocks! Let me see what you brought me."

Kasper dropped the rocks on the ground and the funny-looking red lizard stuck out like a sore thumb. His mom picked it up and cried, "Oh, Oh, Oh. This won't do at all!"

"What's wrong?" Kasper asked. "It's not a rock but its shiny and sort of looks like a funny-looking lizard."

His mom shook her head. "It's a bad thing, Kasper."

"How can a shiny red lizard made of stone be a bad thing?"

"I know where you found it," she told him. "A long long time ago, my mom and I lived near a city. The humans considered us lucky and brought us food every day so we wouldn't leave. One day I went inside the city walls and saw a big, red shiny rock the humans called a dragon sitting in an open area. The humans took it presents every day and put their heads on the ground in front of it."

"That doesn't sound like a bad thing," Kasper told her.

"This is a copy of that evil ruby red dragon. You have to take it back where you found it."

"How can a rock be evil?"

"I heard two humans talking one day and one told the other that he always asks the ruby red dragon to increase his strength when he goes to battle. And that's not all. I once heard about a human who they banned from the city for something bad he'd done. He snuck back into the city and asked the ruby red dragon to curse the city and everyone in it. The next day the earth shook so hard that the city walls fell down. My mom grabbed me and ran and ran and ran. She didn't stop until we reached this corner of the jungle."

"What's a curse?" asked Kasper.

"It's when you say some magic words and all kinds of bad things happen. You take this back where you found it first thing in the morning."

"I think it's pretty," Kasper replied. "Why can't I keep it? I don't know any magic words."

His mom thought for a minute. "Since you don't know any magic words, it can't do bad things," she told him. "I guess there's no harm if you keep it."

"Thank you! Thank you!"

Kasper dashed off to show his ruby red dragon to his friends while his mom shook her head at his antics.  Unfortunately for Kasper, the first person he ran into was Jason, The Terror, a big bully and his worst enemy in the whole world.

"Whatcha got?" asked Jason, the Terror, baring his teeth and waving his arms.

"Nothing," Kasper told him and clutched the ruby red dragon to his chest.

"I want it," Jason said and jerked the ruby red dragon out of Kasper's hand.

"You give that back! yelled Kasper. "That's my magic dragon!" 

"Not anymore," Jason, The Terror, told him and bounded away.

Terrified he was about to lose his ruby red dragon, Kasper remembered his mother's story about the curse and yelled the first thing that came to mind.

"Yabba yabba yabba! Dabba dabba dabba! Ruby red dragon! Bite Jason, The Terror, and make him give me the ruby red dragon!"

Jason stopped, turned around, and laughed at Kasper until the ruby red  dragon wiggled in his hand. He looked down and screamed when he saw two flashing ruby red eyes looking at him.

But when the dragon opened it's mouth and displayed a mouthful of sharp teeth, Jason yelled, "Yikes!", tossed the ruby red dragon in the air and ran away as fast as he could.

 Kasper picked up hisruby red dragon and held it close. "You really are a magic dragon!" he said and ran home as fast as he could run. "Jason the Terror won't bother me anymore! Just wait 'til I tell mom what happened!"     

Kasper, the Baby Monkey
The Curse of the Ruby Red Dragon

Gardner, The Baby Hippo
His Underwater Adventure

Unique stories about Baby Animals
 in a world of Magic and Mayhem.

Gardner and his mother lived beside a big river in Africa and early every morning they'd wander into a nearby meadow for breakfast. And every morning Gardner would find small furry animals hiding in the grass.

He didn't know what kind of animals they were and every time he asked, his mom always told him, "Don't eat them, Gardner!" Well, he never ate any of them but he came close a time or two when they were slow getting out of his way.

In the afternoons he and his mom went down to the river and lounged in the mud until their friends finished their breakfast and then they all jumped in the river. This was Gardner's favorite time of day because he loved playing in the river more than just about anything.

He wished he was big enough to go swimming by himself but he'd seen the crocodiles lurking nearby. His mom told him to stay away from the mean and ugly guys and he  believed her. He'd never seen anything that looked meaner or uglier than a crocodile.
He loved to walk along the river bottom and flip over rocks to see what was under them. Sometimes he'd just sit and watch the fish or nibble on underwater plants while he was down there. He wished he didn't have to go up for air because sometimes he'd get so interested in what he was doing he'd run out of breath.
One day he was exploring the river bottom and kicked over a big rock. A long black fish jumped out at him and stared him in the face.
"Watch what you're doing!"the fish told him. "You just messed up my house!"

"I'm sorry," Gardner told the long black fish and kicked the rock back where it was. "There. I put it back. What kind of fish are you anyway?"

"I'm not a fish. I'm an eel." It said and disappeared under the rock.
Before Gardner could reply, something climbed onto his back. He looked around and found a big furry creature staring at him.

"What are you and what are you doing?" Gardner asked.

"I'm an otter and my name is Willy," the furry animal told him. "And you're going to take me home."

"That's silly," Gardner told him. "I don't know where you live."

Instead of telling Gardner where he lived, the otter looked up, said "Oh. Oh!" and darted away as fast as he could go.

"Wonder what scared him," Gardner mumbled.

And that's when he saw a big, fat crocodile swimming toward him.

"Oh. Oh!" Gardner cried.

He looked around and didn't see his mom or any of their friends. He tried to run and discovered when he messed up Mr. Eel's home, he'd kicked the big rock around the hole he'd stepped in and he was stuck!

"Mr. Otter! Mr. Otter! Please help me!" But Mr. Otter was gone and Mr. Crocodile was closing in.
"MAMA!" screamed Gardner at the top of his lungs.

Mama hippo crashed through a wall of water grass nearby and scolded him, "There you are! What are you doing way out here? This is where the mean ugly crocodiles live. You come home right now!"

And then his angry mother headed for the Mr. Crocodile  with three of her friends right behind her. Gardner had never seen his mother so mad and didn't know what would happen. He looked back at Mr. Crocodile and saw his tail disappear behind a big log.

His mom came back to take him home and discovered his foot stuck in the hole. She and her friends pushed and pushed and got him free so he could get a breath of air before he drowned. Then his mom made him promise he'd never stray away again. 

Copyright 2014, Katharine Giles

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