Fantasy Adventure for Young Readers
     by Katharine Giles

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Book VII
The Black Pagoda
An Archer Adventure

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Knights of Glass
An Archer Adventure

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Early 2018

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  Kimo, the wicked white oracle, banished from Water for her treachery, plans to capture the white Kingdom of Shusin for Sun Ling, her white-tailed daughter, and do everything in her power to make King Ichos pay for sending her to the Earth Star.

In the shape of a giant squid, she critically injures Sun Ho, Shusin's ruler, leaving Sun Toi, his black-tailed daughter, the only obstacle between Kimo and the white kingdom's throne.

    But King Ichos sees the threat to his favorite earth kingdom and sends Archer and Aradia to eliminate the danger. To Archer and Aradia's dismay, King Ichos neglected to tell them there's more at stake than the white kingdom after they learn the white oracle threatens Shusin with  unique skills and loyal minions.

   The great black dragon that lives in the black pagoda will determine the fate of the white kingdom after the red and white dragon battle to the death.