Fantasy Adventure for Young Readers

Book V
The Desert Sun
  An Archer Adventure

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The Desert Sun, a sacred gem, is stolen from the kingdom of Saphra in the parallel world of the immortals. After two crystal masters fail to find the thief or the gem, they're forced to believe the thief took the gem into the parallel world of Archer's childhood.

Always eager for an adventure, Archer and Aradia quickly learn there's more at stake than the theft of the precious gem. Because the theft occurred shortly before the coronation of Saphra's new king, it's important The Desert Sun be found or Saphra will not only lose its heir, It will lose its desert heritage.

Saphra's crystal master gives Archer and Aradia the details of the theft but neglects to tell them she's sending them into the past to begin the adventure of their lives. They'll have to search for the yellow gem on the vast Egyptian desert with an untrustworthy and mysterious guide.

The treacherous journey will pit Archer and Aradia's skills against desert bandits, roaming lions, Death Stalker scorpions, terrifying thought forms and a room full of cobras before they arrive at the ruins of a dead city lost in time. It's here that they not only discover the secret of Egypt's pyramids but unravel a deadly plot against Saphra and the rightful heir to Saphra's throne.

Book VI
Fire Sled
An Archer Adventure

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    A magical tale about Space Explorers, Yeti and Pearls.

A crisis in the Kingdom of Partha forces Partha's ruler to invite Archer and Aradia to save them from an attack by Volka, leader of a colony of great white apes.

The son of Partha's crystal master stole the space ship called Fire Sled and took it to Volka. While Fire Sled's sister ship can provide the kingdom's essential needs,  Fire Sled contains the technology that supports their research after a comet destroyed their satellite ship and stranded them on the earth star.

Expecting an easy task, Archer and Aradia quickly learn they can't travel through the crystal ball to the Arndi kingdom. The Arndi's lust for blood makes it impossible for outsiders to reach, or survive, a visit to Volka's stronghold. But that isn't the primary reason they can't travel through the crystal ball. Before Fire Sled can find its way home, the ship pull the coordinates for the journey from their memory.

This extraordinary tale takes on  a new twist after Archer and Aradia arrive at the mountain village in the parallel world. Mylo, the innkeeper, and Shopel, the village story teller, tell them about the Yeti who live on the mountain and visit their dreams. The Yeti tell them to expect two strangers, one dressed in red and the other in white, who will come to their mountain to help them find their lost ones.

But before they leave the village to attempt to reach the Arndi kingdom through the mountain tunnels in the parallel world, Shopel's cryptic riddle makes Archer doubt the outcome of their journey when he tells them, "The Yeti wait to help those who bring a gift of snow."

by Katharine Giles
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Deserts & diamonds, pyramids and kings meet in an Egyptian tale about thieves and palace treachery!
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