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Updated February 15, 2017
Fantasy Adventure Stories
Go adventuring with Archer to kingdoms on land, beneath the sea and outer space where wonders and surprises await at every turn!

Explore the magical world of the immortals and, one by one, unlock the powers in your mysterious gemstone charms!

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Archer Adventures Are Coming Your Way!


by Katharine Giles
The Archer Adventures
The Desert Sun
An Archer Adventure

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       The Archer Adventures are special. If you have a preteen who devours books, offer them this series. The characters are special, the descriptions artistic and the companion creatures have fun personalities.
       Let your child wander through magical places as they discover new things and incredible worlds with Archer. The books are perfect chapter books to read with your children or just curl up with on a stormy day (or while lounging at the pool). I can't wait until the next one is published.
   Katharine Giles has created an excellent series that is engaging and enthralling. It is well written with an interesting plot and the flow is seamless.
        The characters have depth and the backdrop is richly descriptive. It's easy to get lost in this tale that provokes the imagination.
        Overall, this is a series that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages.
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An epic journey across 1100 BC Egypt pits Archer and Aradia's skills against a clever thief, an untrustworthy guide, and threatening thought forms on their quest to catch the thief who stole Saphra's Desert Sun. Archer and Aradia must travel from the world of the immortals and into the world of Archer's childhood to not only catch a thief but solve a few mysteries along the way. 

While enjoying a meal in the local bazaar, a beggar tells them about a desert spirit that he encountered on a nearby oasis. His description of the desert spirit tells Archer and Aradia the beggar is talking about the thief they've come to find. They've found a clue that can lead them to The Desert Sun but when the beggar tells them the spirit is on the way to the abandoned city of Ka-Tel, Archer immediately hires him to take them to the dead city.

But the street beggar has other plans. Terrified of the ghostly tales about Ka-Tel, he and his bandit friends plan to rob Archer and Aradia and leave them on the desert to die. Little do they know, it isn't possible to surprise strangers from the world of the immortals who speak the language of thought and Archer and Aradia plan an attack of their own. When the bandits appear at the top of the sand dunes beneath the light of the full moon, Archer and Aradia pretend to be desert spirits. Their illusions spook the horses and the bandits flee for their lives.

More dangers lie ahead before they reach Ka-Tel, a city famous for stories about city guardians and lost travelers and caravans that dared to travel through it.